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Toy Room Organization Ideas on a Budget!

With five kids, it felt like our toy situation was always completely out of control. We live in a small house as a family of 7, so our space is limited and organization is a must. These are the best toy room organization ideas on a budget any family can manage – most of these tips can be implemented for free!

Declutter First: 

Before organizing anything (ever), go through the toys and declutter. 

Donate or sell toys that are no longer played with or are outgrown. 

This will give you less to organize and make your job so much easier.

Also – use this opportunity to get rid of all the toys that are missing pieces or are broken.

Stop keeping things for the what-if moments or on the hope that you’ll eventually find that missing/replacement piece.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture: 

Look for furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes, such as storage ottomans, benches with storage underneath, or bookshelves that can also hold bins or baskets.

My daughter has this desk with a top that lifts for paper storage.

Things like this are a life-saver in any home, but especially in small homes like ours!

Repurpose Items: 

Get creative with items you already have. 


Use old crates, baskets, or buckets as storage containers. 


Repurpose shoe boxes to store small toys, craft supplies, or dolls.


Still have a baby in diapers?


Diaper boxes are awesome for storage because they’re super sturdy!


DIY Shelving: 


Build simple shelves using inexpensive materials like plywood and brackets. 


Install them on the walls to create additional storage space for toys, books, or display items.


We use L brackets like these and stain a board from Lowes to make super cheap and sturdy wall shelves to use for storage or displaying toys (we use ours for completed Lego sets!)


Label Everything: 


Labeling bins and baskets will help keep toys organized and make cleanup easier. 


We use picture labels for our kids that can’t read yet and it works perfectly!


Utilize Wall Space: 


Install hooks, pegboards, or hanging baskets on the walls to store items like dress-up clothes, costumes, or stuffed animals. 

This frees up floor space and will naturally make your kids more creative.

An open floor to parents just looks like a clean room.

To kids it’s a space to make forts, play games, or use toys they wouldn’t otherwise bother getting out.

Rotate Toys: 


I preach about this to anyone that will listen.


You can read my best toy rotation system advice here that has saved my sanity for almost a decade.


This is a list of toys we kept when we became minimalists – this is what I credit to making our toy rotation system work so well!

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Keep only a selection of toys accessible at any given time and rotate them periodically. 

Store the rest in bins or boxes in a closet or attic. 

This not only keeps the room organized but also keeps toys fresh and exciting for kids.

Tip – you can also rotate out the big toys like toy kitchens and Barbie dreamhouses.

Do it just once and watch how much more your kids play with their toys – you’ll be a believer too.


DIY Art Display: 

Create a DIY art display using wire or string and clothespins to showcase your child’s artwork. This works for our 6 year old daughter and her millions of art projects.

She’s proud to display them and she naturally declutters it when she needs space to hang her latest creation.


Thrift Store Finds: 

Check thrift stores, garage sales, or online marketplaces for affordable storage solutions like baskets, bins, or furniture. 

With a little creativity and some paint, you can transform secondhand items into something that matches your home decor without blowing your budget.


DIY Toy Hammock: Make a DIY toy hammock using fabric or netting to store stuffed animals or plush toys. 

Hang it in a corner of the room to keep toys off the floor and create a cozy reading nook.

We ended up just buying this cheap one from Amazon and it has worked for us for almost 5 years now.

By implementing these budget-friendly organization tips, you can create a functional and organized toy room without breaking the bank. Get creative, repurpose items, and involve your children in the process so they’re more likely to help out when it comes time to reset your space at the end of the day. Believe me when I tell you that if these tips could work for our family and take us from hot mess to organized (most of the time) they can work in any home!

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