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50 Best Pregnancy Journal Prompts

As a mom of five, I can confidently tell you that pregnancy goes fast. Like way faster than you think. When it’s over you’ll almost definitely find yourself wondering whether you actually enjoyed it. Sometimes it will feel like you don’t even remember most aspects of being pregnant. These 50 journaling prompts will help you document your pregnancy and dig deeper into how you feel about becoming a mom (or becoming a mom again!

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  1. How did I feel when I first found out I was pregnant?
  2. Describe my emotions when I saw my baby’s ultrasound for the first time.
  3. What are my hopes and dreams for my unborn child?
  4. Reflect on how my body is changing during pregnancy and how I feel about those changes.
  5. Write a letter to my baby, expressing my thoughts and feelings about becoming a parent.
  6. What are my biggest fears or concerns about childbirth and parenthood?
  7. Describe a moment during pregnancy when I felt a strong connection with my baby.
  8. How has my relationship with my partner changed since we found out about the pregnancy?
  9. List three things I’m grateful for about being pregnant.
  10. Write about a pregnancy craving I’ve had and how I satisfied it.
  11. Reflect on the advice or wisdom I’ve received from other mothers during my pregnancy.
  12. Describe a special tradition or ritual I want to start with my baby once they’re born.
  13. What are some things I want to remember about this pregnancy journey?
  14. Write about a prenatal class or book that has been particularly helpful or insightful.
  15. List three things I’m looking forward to experiencing with my baby after they’re born.

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Reflection Journal Prompts for Pregnancy

  1. Reflect on a time when I felt overwhelmed during pregnancy and how I coped with it.
  2. Describe a dream or vision I have for my child’s future.
  3. How has pregnancy influenced my thoughts and feelings about motherhood?
  4. Write about a memorable moment shared with my baby’s father during pregnancy.
  5. What are some self-care practices I’ve implemented during pregnancy to nurture myself?
  6. Reflect on the ways in which I’ve bonded with my unborn child.
  7. Describe a piece of advice or encouragement I would give to other expectant mothers.
  8. How has my perspective on life and priorities shifted since becoming pregnant?
  9. Write about a song or piece of music that resonates with me during pregnancy and why.

Dig Deeper – What Kind of Mom Do I Want to Be?

  1. List three qualities I hope to instill in my child as they grow up.
  2. Reflect on the ways in which my relationship with my own mother has influenced my journey to motherhood.
  3. Describe a favorite memory from my own childhood that I hope to recreate with my child.
  4. What are some practical preparations I’ve made for my baby’s arrival?
  5. Write about a challenge I’ve faced during pregnancy and how I’ve overcome it.
  6. How do I envision my life changing once my baby is born?
  7. Reflect on the ways in which I’ve grown or changed as a person during pregnancy.
  8. Describe a book or story I want to share with my child as they grow older.
  9. List three things I want to teach my child about the world and their place in it.
  10. Write about a moment of joy or excitement I’ve experienced during pregnancy.
  11. How do I envision my relationship with my child evolving over time?
  12. Reflect on the support I’ve received from friends and family during pregnancy.
  13. Describe a special bond or connection I feel with my baby.
  14. Write about a lesson I hope to learn or a challenge I hope to overcome as a parent.
  15. How has pregnancy influenced my thoughts and feelings about my own upbringing?
  16. What are some traditions or values I want to pass down to my child?

Gratitude Journal Prompts for Pregnancy

  1. Reflect on the ways in which I’ve prepared emotionally for motherhood.
  2. Describe a moment when I felt proud of myself during pregnancy.
  3. Write about a place I want to visit or experience with my child in the future.
  4. List three wishes I have for my child’s happiness and well-being.
  5. How has pregnancy deepened my appreciation for the miracle of life?
  6. Reflect on the ways in which I’ve connected with other expectant mothers.
  7. Describe a favorite pregnancy milestone or moment that I’ll cherish forever.
  8. Write about a moment of gratitude I’ve experienced during pregnancy.
  9. How do I envision my relationship with my baby’s siblings (if applicable) evolving after the baby is born?
  10. What are some ways I plan to nurture and support my own well-being as a mother?

No matter where you are in your pregnancy journey, it will only benefit you to start journaling about it. Pregnancy can bring up a lot of unexpected thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Documenting them all will be helpful now, but also may be something you want to reflect on later. Work your way through this list as consistently as you can and your mental health will be all the better for it.

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