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Montessori Bath Toys

In our house we absolutely love the Montessori philosophy and it touches every area of our daily lives. Even bath time! Over time, what counts as a bath toy in our house has changed in favor of Montessori bath toys.

If you’re new to the world of Montessori, you’ll soon realize that there aren’t really Montessori bath toys.

There are just toys that can fit the Montessori method.

In Montessori, we follow the child.

We try to live by these Montessori quotes.

Instead of thinking of bath toys that are specifically marketed as bath toys, let’s look around at what toys we can use during bath time.

montessori bath toys

Montessori Bath Toys

Bath Toy Drying Bin

Part of the issue with bath toys in our house is they ALWAYS seem to go moldy.

I never knew how to really take care of them properly and just always kind of abandoned them in the tub when I dried off my kids.

Now I know that a bath toy drying bin is the answer to my issues.

This is the drying bin we use in our house.

I love that I can just scoop the toys, drain the water, and then leave it sitting in the tub.

We used to use a drying bin with suction cups like this one.

How do you dry your toys after bath time? What tricks do you have to keep the mold away?

Let me know in the comments!