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5 Best Books on Minimalism – Must Reads for Wannabe Minimalists!

Best Books on Minimalism

I’ve been interested in minimalism for years now. I saw it as a way to really cut my stress and add more time into my life. These are the best books on minimalism that I’ve found to motivate and lead the minimalism-curious into this awesome lifestyle!

Benefits of Minimalism

While I still consider myself a struggling minimalist, we have managed to drastically minimize our possessions over the last few years.

It’s odd how minimalism hits you.

You honestly don’t remember the things you threw away or donated.

They tell you that in all of the books, but I didn’t believe it until it happened for me.

The benefits of minimalism are quieter.

You have less things to tend to around your house so it makes it feel like you have more time than you did before.

As toys have slowly started to reproduce in our house and some of our strict minimalism rules have fallen to the wayside, I really realize how much of a gift true minimalism was.

If you’re just starting out, my best advice is to read one of these books – I tried to detail which books would work best for what kind of personality is reading it – and then just get started.

Minimalism is a lot like dieting.

You’ll always have a reason not to get started.


The benefits are so worth the effort!

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Best Books on Minimalism

Have you read any books on minimalism on your minimalist journey? What were your favorites? Let me know in the comments!