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9 Best Montessori Balance Boards and Balance Toys!

If you are immersed in the Montessori lifestyle, you know we always follow the child. If you’re looking for awesome ways to improve balance and coordination, the Montessori balance board is a must-have! These balance toys for kids improve gross motor skills while your child plays. We love them in our home and have noticed a huge difference in our kids’ balance (and obstacle course skills!)

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Before we dive into this, let me reassure you that while balance boards are an amazing addition to any Montessori home, they can get expensive.

We’re all about being frugal and creative in our house, so I feel that I need to address this before I start talking about expensive balance boards.

If you’re currently living on a budget, you absolutely CAN work on balance and gross motor skills FOR FREE.

In fact, I’d bet it would be impossible not to.

Our kids are experts at their own development.

They naturally take the path of most resistance just to see if they can do it.

They’re little scientists, developing a hypothesis and trying it over and over again until they get it right.

While it’s an awesome idea to add a balance board to your home, let me encourage you.

Just try it out for yourself in front of your kids one time, then walk away.

Don’t worry if they’re “using it right” and don’t fret if it becomes a stepping stone in their DIY obstacle course.

Just get out of their way and let them develop the skills they need for life.

I promise that whether it’s a balance board or a log on a trail, they’re going to find ways to challenge themselves if you just let them.

Now let’s talk about balance boards and other toys that ARE options as we journey this Montessori lifestyle together!

Balance Board Age

This one kind of depends.

Each board is rated differently, but most recommend ages 3 and up.

If you pick a board with a gentler curve, the age recommendation can be as low as 12 months.

Honestly, this is one of those times where we “follow the child.”

Is your child working on their balance naturally?

Do they try to balance on logs on nature walks or just follow the grout line in your tile?

If so, they’re almost definitely ready for a balance board.

That said, balance boards are incredibly versatile. 

If you are able to find a good deal on one or even locate a used one, this isn’t the type of Montessori object I would put away until they’re older.

Leave it out and let them use their imagination with it until it can be used for it’s intended purpose.

Montessori Balance Board Benefits

The balance board obviously helps kids to improve their balance, but the benefits really just begin there.

In Montessori homes, we are child-led and teach them to do things for themselves.

A balance board helps with all sorts of development including “proprioception” which is the body’s ability to identify its location and movements. 

You can read an in depth article about all of the benefits of a balance board here.

From a mom’s perspective, I’ve noticed a drastic difference in my son’s balance since buying one.

He’s just like me – accident prone and has zero balance.

I trip over my own feet, seriously.

He’s become much more coordinated since we started incorporating a balance board and yoga into our routine.

The non-physical benefits of our balance board that helped me justify the expense was that they’re pretty versatile.

At least in a Montessori home.

Ours has been used as a bridge, a babydoll bed, a boat for our animals and Little People, something to scoot on and drag each other around on…

It gets a ton of (mis)use but is a beautiful and well-loved item in our home.

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Best Montessori Balance Boards

Best Balance Toys for Kids

Maybe you’ve done your research and decided a balance board just isn’t a good fit for your family.

Luckily, there are lots of “toys” created just for gross motor development and balance enhancement.

Balance Toys for Kids!

What are some favorite balance toys in your home? Let me know in the comments!