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8 Tools to Help You Through Natural Childbirth

Even though your baby is going to come whether you have all of these things or not, they’re really helpful in labor for both you and your partner.


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The first is honey.  If you deliver in a hospital, you won’t be allowed to eat anything after you arrive.  If your doctors and nurses will let you, honey is awesome during labor to give you an extra energy boost.  I recommend purchasing either honey sticks or a bottle like this.


Lavender is also very calming.  At our birth center during my second birth, we were allowed to have candles if we wanted.  Lavender candles are an awesome tool to have in your arsenal.


This one was personal preference for me, but nothing calms me like honeysuckle.  I decided to forego lavender candles and I took honeysuckle with me instead.


Do not, I repeat do not, forget your favorite lip balm.  This one has been my favorite for about 20 years…I’m 28.  I’ve been addicted to it almost my whole life.  You can’t find it in any stores anymore which breaks my heart!  I buy big packs on Amazon, scatter them around my house and in my car, and have them with me at all times.  These ones are nice and thick, they stay on for a long time which is perfect for labor.  I can’t sing it’s praises enough.

I know it might sound silly to say lip balm is a necessity, but when you’re doing so much mouth breathing, you’ll be amazed how quickly your lips dry out.  Trust me on this one.

Water bottle with straw

Even with all of my planning, I still managed to forget this during both of my labors.  Don’t make the same mistake I did.  Other than massage oil, this is probably the number one thing I needed during labor.

Massage Oil

Trust me when I tell you that this is the only thing that got me through my second natural childbirth.  If you have back labor, have your significant other rub your lower back with this stuff and make them work as hard as my husband had to.  He swore he was sore for days…that makes two of us.  We used about a bucket of massage oil (all measurements approximate haha) to get me through the final stages of labor.

Birthing Ball

I didn’t get the chance to use one of these during my first labor, but I LOVED it during my 2nd.

A Supportive Partner

My husband was my rock star during my 2nd labor and delivery, and I was lucky enough to have a doula to help us both during my 1st.  I can’t recommend a doula enough.  I didn’t have one during my 2nd labor, but the nurse at our midwife center was also a doula, so I kind of did end up having one.  Thank goodness because without she and my husband working as a team, I don’t know if I could have made it.  Lesson learned…I will definitely hire a doula for baby #3!


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Of course, your baby is going to come whether or not you have any of these tools, but it never hurts to be prepared.  Be sure to subscribe to my newsletters to get access to my free Subscriber Library where I include my birth plan and a packing list of things to take with you to the hospital.

Finally, even if your natural birth doesn’t go exactly as you plan (they never do, do they?) remember that any birth is a successful birth and should be celebrated!  Read all about how I coped with pain during natural childbirth here, as well as Nugget’s birth story and Dumplin’s birth story.

Have you ever experienced natural childbirth?  What tools did you use to help get through labor and delivery?  What tips do you have for other mamas?  Let me know in the comments!