How to declutter before christmas and reclaim your holidays!

Start with the rooms you use most around the holidays. For us, it's the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Let's aim to get approximately 50% of  that stuff out of there.

Entry Closet You don't think about how embarrassingly cluttered your coat closet is until you're opening it in front of a guest or mother-in-law. Tackle this one first.

Everything Christmasy happens in the Kitchen! Take small appliances to the garage. Buy disposable food containers to send leftovers home with guests.

Declutter the Kitchen Declutter all paper clutter currently stuck to your fridge. Clear the counters of anything unnecessary and light a season-appropriate candle.

Dining Room Keep this as minimal as possible. Declutter absolutely anything you don't need. Basically everything but the salt and pepper shakers.

Guest Rooms We don't have a spare bedroom, so we dress up our kids rooms. Declutter all toys (throwing them into boxes in the garage works on short notice!)

What we're trying this year: Instead of the usual holiday stress and constant cleaning, we're trying to be minimalist about absolutely everything so we can soak in our kids and Christmas festivities. If you want to see our whole plan, check out the attached blog post linked blelow!

My best tips!