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Unique Christmas Gifts for Kids – What to Buy the Kid that Has Everything

Unique Christmas Gifts for Kids

In our house lately we’ve been striving to be more intentional about the things that we keep and the things that we get rid of.  When Christmas time and birthdays roll around, we’re always at a loss for what to buy.  Last year, Santa went WAY overboard and now we’re trying to figure out unique Christmas gifts for our kids that will please the kids who have everything.

Do we buy toys that are just going to end up sitting in a toy box or as part of our toy rotation? Do we buy them gifts that they get excited about opening Christmas morning but then will probably lose interest in immediately.

This a struggle because we set the bar WAY too high in years past.

Seriously – first world problems.

Instead of stressing about what to buy the kid on your list that already has everything – check out these options and check them off your list!

Buy Toys They Can Never Have Enough Of

In our house, this is is Magnetiles, Lincoln Logs, and Mega Bloks.

More of these just mean bigger and bigger towers and towns we can build.

The best part of buying kids more of what they already have is that you aren’t really adding to the clutter since their original toy sets already have a home (hopefully).

We’ve just discovered these new toys called Squigz and are buying them for our toddlers for Christmas.  I’ll let you know how it works out!

Buy Memberships as Gifts

You can never go wrong with membership to science Centers near the child’s home.

We bought a membership to the aquarium near our home and they are part of the American Zoological Association or AZA.

That means the we get reciprocal benefits lots of states and even other countries. We travel a ton for my husband’s job so we get tons of use out of ours.

You can check out their reciprocity program here and see if there are any awesome zoos or museums near the child you’re shopping for.

Charleston, South Carolina is one of our favorite places to visit and we go several times a year. Magnolia Plantation is always one of our stops but it gets really expensive going there five or six times a year.

The hardest part about going places when you have toddlers is the entrance fee. These places are so expensive for a family on a budget.  Add to it that you run the risk of a toddler meltdown and having to leave before you even really enjoyed it.

Tons of money on tickets ends up wasted this way.

Ask me how I know.

Instead now that we have a larger family we always look to see how much an annual membership is if we think there’s a reasonable chance we’ll visit even one more time throughout the year, we buy the membership instead.

We’re now the proud owners of a Magnolia Plantation membership AND a South Carolina Aquarium membership.

The day we bought the aquarium membership, our kids lost their crap 30 minutes after arriving and we had to leave.  We spent just over $100 on a membership – it would have been $85 for us to go just for the day.

See how that was a great purchase?

When I tell you that a zoo or science center membership can be literally priceless for a family with young kids – I’m not exaggerating.

Arts and Crafts for Toddlers

Another way you can’t go wrong and shopping for a child who already seems to have everything is to buy things they go through quickly.

In our house, this is anything even remotely related to arts and crafts.

Play Doh, markers, crayons, special Color Wonder paper…

If you’re shopping for a parent of young children and you’re thinking of buying them markers think again. Consider going the Color Wonder route.

Color wonder markers color ONLY on special paper, so you don’t have to worry about your kids coloring on the walls and carpets.

They even have paints and full gift packs like this one to make shopping easy.

Seriously, if you’ve never heard of Color Wonder, check it out.  It’s the only art stuff we leave within reaching distance of our toddlers.

Giving Money and Gift Cards as Christmas Gifts

When all else fails – there’s always money and gift cards.

I know so many people feel like gift cards or cash are thoughtless and hate giving them.

If you’re shopping for a young child, chances are their parents will be so grateful for a gift card or cash so they can buy things that they actually need or want for their kids.

It beats the crap out of having to find a place for a gift that you struggled to buy and they struggle to find a use for it.

Personalized Gifts for Kids

Young kids love anything with their name on it.

Unfortunately for our children, we’ve given them such unique names that they’ll never be able to buy a keychain on vacation – but luckily you can have this stuff custom made for SO cheap!

This puzzle is awesome for toddlers and so reasonably priced.

Personalized books are a huge thing nowadays too.

This one has an awesome options for little girls and little boys.

Did you know Melissa and Doug personalizes toys??

We’ve been HUGE fans of Melissa and Doug stuff forever and I’m just now finding this out.  Our house looks like a Melissa and Doug factory.


Are you a parent of a kid who has everything and don’t know what to buy them? Your family to buy your kids the next holiday or birthday? Let me know in the comments!

Wondering what to get the kid on your list who has everything? These unique Christmas gifts for kids will please even the pickiest on your list! Wondering what to get the kid on your list who has everything? These unique Christmas gifts for kids will please even the pickiest on your list!Wondering what to get the kid on your list who has everything? These unique Christmas gifts for kids will please even the pickiest on your list! Wondering what to get the kid on your list who has everything? These unique Christmas gifts for kids will please even the pickiest on your list!