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11 Best Potty Training Books to Make Potty Training Easy!

If you’re about to dive into potty-training with your little one, let me encourage you that while it can be stressful at time, it is the biggest accomplishment your child has achieved since learning to walk. With the potty training books, your little one will stay engaged and excited about potty training!

You can do this! We kept potty training books with us everywhere we went to maintain momentum when we potty trained our oldest. Now that we’re getting ready to potty train again, we’ll once again have these awesome potty training books scattered all over the house!

Potty Training Books for Parents

When you first start looking for potty training books, every single one you find will have some sort of character that’s always dancing across your TV.

What if you just need someone to hold your hand and walk you through this messy process?

These are the best potty training books for parents that I’ve found.

The Oh Crap potty training book is one of the most popular books on potty training for parents.

At 288 pages, it’s a commitment, but if you really want to get into the nitty gritty of potty training, this is the book for you.

In my experience, all of the potty training advice on the internet is basically this book in some form.

This one is way shorter and is more practical for busy parents with a child old enough to be potty training, in my opinion.

A word of caution about the title, while you will get the basics down in 3 days, it takes a little longer for it to really “click”.

The hardest part is usually out of the way by day 3 – rest assured!  

Potty Training Books

I think potty training books work so well because they’re colorful, have your child’s favorite characters, and keep them just distracted enough while they’re on the potty.

We tried six (yes, 6!) potties and this potty was our favorite – if you’re looking for one!

Our son loved that it looked the most like the big potty, so it’s what we’ll be trying first with our younger kids!

This Sesame Street potty training book is one of my all-time favorites!

My kids never watch Sesame Street, but through some kind of magic they know who Elmo is. They (even the ones too young to potty train right now) love the lift flaps in this book.

Any book that will engage your potty-trainee is a huge win!

Daniel Tiger Goes to the Potty is one of our favorites mainly because Daniel Tiger is a hero in our house.

We must’ve watched the potty training episode 30 times while we were potty training our oldest son.

I would tell him “let’s check to see how Daniel Tiger does it!” and we’d watch the same episode again and again. It worked!

Best Potty Training Books

I’ve been asked a few times by friends and readers about the best potty training books and my favorite ones always have the same component.

Do your kids have any seek and find books??

If not, do yourself a favor and grab a couple of these.

We bought a potty training one long before we ever started potty training and it has remained a favorite book in our house.

So much so that the spine is breaking from overuse and travel abuse.

What I love most about these seek and find books is that your kids will stay engaged with them long past their potty-learning days.

This one is potty-themed, but even regular look and find or seek and find books will do the trick!

These are some of my favorites:


Best Potty Training Books for Toddler

Even though it isn’t potty-themed, this one has gotten us through numerous road-trips, both while potty training and long after:


Our sons are newly obsessed with Paw Patrol so this one was an obvious hit in our house.

Have you seen Moana about a million times? I can recite the whole movie to you in my sleep.

We’re a beach-obsessed family, so I don’t mind Moana nearly as much as some of the other movies I’ve had to watch over and over again.

This book is absolutely beautiful and one we take with us anytime we are traveling.

It’s great for potty-training because it’s sturdy (read: you can easily wipe it clean) and just distracting enough to calm the early toilet-training nerves.

Potty Training Books for Boys

Are you looking for gender-specific potty training books?

Big Boy Underpants is a really popular choice for little boys and encourages them to wear big boy underwear just like their daddy!



Potty Superhero is another popular potty training book made especially for boys. It’s colorful and motivational – perfect for little boys!




Big Girl Panties has the best reviews I’ve ever seen on Amazon!

I’ll be buying a copy of this one when our oldest daughter is ready to potty train in 6-12 months.


The Potty Book for Girls is the cutest little story book geared toward girls who are about to start potty training.

The mom and dad in the book buy the little girl a gift, and she opens it to discover a little potty.

I think this is an adorable way to introduce potty training to your daughter. We’ll probably wrap up a potty for our little girl to give to her after we finish reading this!


Finally, Princess Potty is an adorable book for little girls who are about to potty train.

It even comes with reward stickers so it remains interactive throughout the process.


Are you about to start potty training your little one? What books do you always have on hand? Let me know in the comments!

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