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What Your Husband Wants You to Know About Sex During Pregnancy

Have you ever wondered how your sex life might change during pregnancy? One woman quizzed her husband about his honest thoughts about sex while expecting and his answers were really reassuring!

As my second pregnancy starts winding down to the end, I’ve realized how much different things are this time around.  I’ve worried more about some things, like what labor will be like this time or if I’ll be able to have another natural delivery.

I’ve worried less about things like whether I’m going to hurt the baby if something bumps into my stomach.  I haven’t spent any time at all researching baby products because I already know what I used the first time around and will likely need again.

One thing I never got around to thinking about during my first pregnancy was how my husband actually felt about sex during pregnancy.  The topic came up the other night and I decided I had to know more!  I figured I can’t be the only wife who’s curious about this hide-your-face, make-you-blush stuff, so I decided to interview him about some topics that I feel like aren’t ever talked about…or aren’t talked about enough.

Tonight, I asked him to give me some full disclosure answers and advice about sex during pregnancy.

His answers might be a little too forward for some people, but they sure are honest!  Fair warning, if you blush easily, you might want to skip this one.  Here we go!:

  • “He’s going to have to learn that he isn’t going to poke the baby no matter how big he “thinks” he is.” (We actually had to have this conversation again not long ago.  Don’t let my husband fool you into thinking he’s got it all figured out!)

To make sex more comfortable for both of you, choose a lubricant like this one.

  • “Your husband will probably start to want sex less the farther along you get in the pregnancy, and it will have nothing to do with your appearance or how sexy you are. He starts to worry about how far down the baby is while making love” – see fear number one, above.
  • “Another reason he may want less playtime is because he’ll be afraid of sending you into premature labor from the “Big O” (especially if you’ve already had a premature delivery like us!)
  • “If your husband is anything like me, he’ll put on as much, if not more, baby weight than you and you’ll both be feeling pretty unsexy toward the end of the pregnancy. Don’t worry – those worries all go away (at least for him) when you get started!”

Some words of advice for the husbands:

  • “Expect to have more sex than ever, especially in the beginning, because of all of the elevated hormones (enjoy it because someday it will be a distant memory, unless you’re lucky like me!)”
    • “Practice makes perfect they say, so enjoy these times when the hormones are raging and really enjoy your sex life during the pregnancy. Take advantage of it (even though you might be exhausted at the end of the day or late at night – or even if you get woken up at 2 am because she’s in the mood again for the 12th day in a row!”
  • “Chances are, at some point, you are either going to see/feel the baby moving while you’re making love, so just be prepared for that and don’t let it ruin the mood. It’s all part of this crazy experience.”
  • “Your wife is going to more than likely feel really down about her appearance and new body. Make sure you go out of your way to show and tell her how sexy she still is to you.”

I thought it was hilarious reading through my husband’s take on sex in pregnancy!  From my point of view, it’s definitely not nearly as attractive as before pregnancy, but there have been tons of funny moments that have brought Scotty and I even closer.  Yes, maybe it’s different, but it’s still tons of fun and so worth the embarrassing moments – trust me, there have been a few!

What do you think your husband would have to say about your sex life while you were pregnant with your kids?  If you don’t have kids yet, is sex during pregnancy something you stress about?  Let me know in the comments!



Sunday 11th of February 2018

I really enjoyed reading this! this is all so true with my man! He's so afraid of hurting my belly, I wish this covered great pregnancy sex positions, because sometimes I feel like I pull things... lol but great piece!


Thursday 18th of August 2016

"WD-40 will become your best friend for squeaky doors that are sure to wake up the tiny terrorist that is looking to hijack your moment."

Best line ever! Hahaha!

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