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Gardening Supplies You Can Get at Dollar Tree


If you’re interested in starting a garden, chances are, you’ve shopped around and have learned just how expensive even the most basic gardening necessities can be.  It might surprise you that a lot of the items you’ll need to start your own garden on a tight budget can be found right at your local Dollar Tree!


Seeds are available at Dollar Tree for just 25 cents a packet.  The only place I’ve been able to find them cheaper is at Walmart for 20 cents.  The selection varies by store, so if you do see some seeds you’re interested in, it’s a safe (and cheap!) bet to pick them up!

Weed Barrier

Weed barrier fabric is much more expensive at Walmart and home improvement stores.  Dollar Tree offers a 4×8 sheet of fabric for just $1!


No, they’re not a requirement, but outdoor decorations can get pricey.  Dollar Tree has an awesome selection of lawn ornaments, flags, and garden stones.  Plus, you can even get those solar powered lights for your garden or walkway.

Gloves and Gardening Tools

Gloves and gardening tools are also just a buck at Dollar Tree.  The selection varies by location, but every one I’ve been to lately has a pretty decent amount to choose from.  The quality seems to be right for the price and should last you for multiple gardening seasons!


This one I definitely don’t recommend picking up on your next Dollar Tree run, but it’s worth mentioning.  Soil can be purchased SO much cheaper elsewhere, but if you’re absolutely desperate or just don’t want to make another stop, you can pick up a small bag of potting mix.

Cheaper options can be found just about anywhere.  Walmart sells potting mix, but Lowe’s sells theirs for half off if you find a ripped bag.  Just look out for the ugly plastic recovery bags in the garden department.  Some stores sell theirs for $1, but my local Lowe’s only discounts theirs by 50%.  Still, it’s a much better deal because you’re getting a much bigger bag and a much bigger bang for your buck!

Hanging Baskets

I was so pleasantly surprised to find hanging baskets and inserts at Dollar Tree for just $1 each!  These are easily 4 or 5 times that price anywhere else.  The quality seems pretty good and I have two hanging on our front porch as we speak!  That’s $4 total for really cute porch decorations.  You just can’t beat that price.

Window Planters

If an herb garden is more your speed, you can pick up a window planter.  This is an awesome deal for a sturdy plastic planter.

Small Pots

My Dollar Tree carries small terracotta pots and some other miscellaneous planters in more decorative colors.

Watering Pails

This one is pretty self-explanatory.  Need to water your starts without drowning them?  Pick up a cheap watering pail or even a spray bottle in the housewares section.

Dixie Cups

I love to use Dixie Cups for starting my seeds.  It’s so much cheaper to buy a box of these instead of a little plastic greenhouse.  Exactly how I start my seeds for cheap, cheap, cheap can be found here!

Hose Nozzles

I couldn’t believe my Dollar Tree carried these!  We didn’t have a use for one, but if you pick up a hose nozzle at your Dollar Tree, please let me know in the comments whether you think the quality is any good.  My Dollar Tree had multiple colors and sizes!


If you are interested in square foot gardening, the perfect place to look for the twine you’ll need is Dollar Tree.  They carry 118 feet packs of Jute Twine for just a buck.


It’s no secret that Dollar Tree carries a huge selection of baskets for laundry and organizing.  My house is currently overrun with these things.  A practical gardening use is to pick up a sturdy basket to use for collecting your harvest.

Dollar Tree also carries large wire garbage cans in white and black.  These are perfect for storing your potatoes, onions, and apples!

Popsicle Sticks

Perfect for labeling your seeds and starts in your garden!

Kneeling Pads

Tired of getting your pants dirty kneeling in your garden?  Dollar Tree carries multiple colors of kneeling pads for just one dollar.


Whether you’re looking for small shovels, seeds, gardening gloves, or even soil, Dollar Tree has got you covered.  Before you spend a small fortune starting your garden, take a quick trip to your local Dollar Tree to see what items you can buy there to help you.  Not to mention, there are tons of things to be repurposed!  If you have a gardening need you can’t find an exact solution for, take a walk around your Dollar Tree and get creative.  There are lots of awesome solutions just waiting to be found.

Do you buy any of your gardening supplies at Dollar Tree?  What has worked for you?  What hasn’t?  Let me know in the comments!



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