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7 Best Pacifiers for Breastfeeding Babies in 2021

When we found out we were pregnant with our first baby, we went to the birthing classes and read all the books. What no one tells you is that the baby is going to come out anyway. It’s breastfeeding that becomes your number one struggle! After saving my breastfeeding relationship with my preemie using a nipple shield, I was determined to not let pacifiers undo all of the hard work we put in. These are the 7 best pacifiers for breastfeeding babies that I personally recommend to all of my friends with the same concerns.

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Best Pacifiers for Breastfeeding Babies

In my experience with our four babies, there are two main concerns with pacifiers when breastfeeding.

The first is nipple confusion. No new breastfeeding mama wants to ruin her baby’s latch with the wrong pacifier.

The next is orthodontics.

Who hasn’t heard about the possibility of giving your baby crooked teeth by giving them a pacifier?

These 7 pacifiers are, in my opinion, the best on the market for breastfed babies in 2021.

Mam Start Newborn Pacifiers

We personally used these when we were trying to get our daughter to take a pacifier.

It was important to me that the nipple be “no right side up” and these fit the bill.

With other pacifiers, oddly enough including our favorite ones, we had to always help her flip the pacifier over.

These ones were no fuss and a great place to start when we were looking for a pacifier to avoid nipple confusion.


Wubbanub Infant Pacifier

This is my absolute favorite pacifier. I get them for anyone I know that’s having a baby.

They’re just the cutest things ever and nice and substantial so you can easily find them.

It’s much easier to lose a regular pacifier in the bottom of your diaper bag than this thing.

When you have a screaming baby that loves their pacifier, you’ll be glad they have one that’s easy to find!

The best part is that they come in all different little animal forms. We had the elephant, but there is also a giraffe, a pink owl, a flamingo, and TONS more.

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Tommee Tippee Breast-Like Night Pacifier, Glow in The Dark

For much the same reason that I love the Wubbanub, I absolutely adore the Tommee Tippee pacifiers that glow in the dark!

Ryan & Rose Cutie PAT Pacifier Teether (Stage 1, Grey)

If you’re interested in a more neutral pallet for your little one that extends to their pacifiers, I love the neutral colors from Ryan & Rose.

The stage 1 pacifiers act as a teether as well as a pacifier and are designed for babies with no teeth to be gentle on their little gums.

Nanobebe Baby Pacifiers

Nanobebe pacifiers are new to me and we’ve never personally used them. 

I fell down a rabbit hole about these pacifiers the other day and was blown away by the amazing Amazon reviews.

If you’re looking for a pacifier that’s inexpensive, one piece (to avoid choking), and geared toward use between feedings to minimize nipple confusion – the Nanobebe comes highly recommended.

Chicco PhysioForma

If you’re concerned with your baby’s latch or palate development, definitely look into the Chicco PhysioForma.

There are tiny ridges on the nipple that encourage the baby to have proper suckle, even when using a pacifier.

What I love about these ones is the orthodontic science behind it. 

I have yet to meet a mom that isn’t worried that a pacifier is going to cause her baby’s teeth to come in crooked.

The Chicco PhysioForma claims to prevent that.

Definitely worth a look if early orthodontics are important to your family.

Will a Pacifier Ruin My Baby’s Latch?

In my experience, a pacifier is fine under two conditions.

  1. You and your baby need to already have an established breastfeeding relationship. We waited until 4 months to even introduce pacifiers.
  2. Never use a pacifier in place of or to delay nursing sessions. When you’re exclusively breastfeeding, you realize how all encompassing that task is. You’re basically a full-time buffet. Our babies can learn to self-soothe with a pacifier if and only if they aren’t hungry. No pacifier can replace the comfort of nursing – no matter what any company claims.

Have you used any of these with your breastfeeding baby? Are there any others that you recommend more? Let us know in the comments!

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