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7 Advantages of a Large Family – Why We Had So Many Kids!

Benefits of having a large family

If you’ve found this blog post, chances are you fall into one of two camps. Either you’re trying to decide whether you should continue to grow your family or you already have a large family and are trying to remember the upsides during the chaos. I’ve been in both places and I’m here to tell you, building a large family with my husband is the best thing we’ve ever done. The advantages are immeasurable, but I’ll try my best to express them here.

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Built-In Support System

Growing up as an only child was pretty lonely.

I always knew I wanted to have a lot of kids of my own.

Now as an adult, I realize how important having a support system really is.

When we are sick, it’s my husband and I trying to juggle everything.

Oh how I wish I had siblings to call to help out when we really need it!

Facing life’s challenges becomes more manageable with a built-in support system. 

The collective strength of a large family provides emotional and practical support during tough times.

Social Skills

Growing up in a large family exposes individuals to diverse personalities, fostering the development of strong social skills and adaptability.

My kids aren’t surprised at all when someone doesn’t agree with them or when they don’t get their way.

They’re actually really good at navigating fights and disagreements.

There are so many social skills kids practice in large families without even realizing it.

As an adult now that grew up without siblings, I notice how functional my kids are in hard social situations and I give all the credit to growing up with lots of siblings.

Shared Responsibilities

Whether you want to or not, every day you’re part of a team.

My two oldest, ages 8 and 7, help each other to unload the dishwasher.

My 5 year old is our little mother hen and wants to help with the baby every chance she gets.

Household chores are distributed among family members which helps our kids to feel like they’re part of something.

I make a point to tell all of them that I couldn’t have this many kids without their help.

It takes all of us to make our household run smoothly.

Advantages of a Large Family – Mentorship Dynamics

It isn’t just older siblings teaching the younger ones.

Our daughters often give our sons advice about how to handle an argument with a teammate or friend.

They break up arguments between each other.

We homeschool our kids and our older ones often jump in during my lessons with younger ones and try to teach them what clicked for them.

Close Family Bond

Large families foster strong and enduring bonds among siblings, creating a close-knit network that lasts a lifetime.

We all know dysfunctional families that hate each other.

Ultimately it comes down to personalities, but breaking generational dysfunction begins with us.

I truly believe our kids will maintain strong friendships long after my husband and I are gone.

Emotional Security

Some of our kids are more affectionate than others.

My kids each know which sibling to go to for tech support, advice, homeschool help, and just to hang out with when they’re having a bad day.

A large family provides an ample supply of love and affection, creating a nurturing environment that contributes to emotional security and well-being.

Quality time and companionship

Laughter is multiplied in a large family, turning ordinary moments into shared, joyous memories and creating a positive atmosphere at home.

Our new favorite thing to do after spending a few days with my best friend a couple of months ago is to play games.

Every night (and sometimes instead of doing our homeschool lessons for the day) we play games together as a family.

I can only handle so many games of Sleeping Queens or Trash Pandas before I lose my mind.

My kids can always find someone that’s willing to play whatever game they’re craving.

There is literally never a dull moment.

Networking Within the Family

Down the road, your kids will need to rely on community moreso than they do in these young years.

Who among us hasn’t relied on a friendly recommendation for a mechanic, electrician, or real estate agent?

Having a large family creates this extended network of trusted people to lean on in various trades and skill sets. 

Preparation for Real-World Social Dynamics

Growing up in a big family serves as a natural training ground for real-world social dynamics, enhancing interpersonal skills from an early age.

This is also a plug for homeschool.

In the real world, we are seldom segregated into groups based on age.

In a family, we all work, live, and play together almost regardless of age.

Sure our kids that are close in age play together more, but they all spend tons of quality time together.

Growing up in a large family gives each of them so many different personalities of all ages to interact, play, and fight with.

They have a robust social environment that prepares them well for the future.

So far, having a large family is the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m constantly nudging my husband when we’re out and about to notice something sweet the kids are doing. Just an hour ago it was my 7 year old son holding my 4 year old daughter’s hand on the way into Costco. These younger years are so busy and stressful and sometimes hard. They’re also incredibly fun and fulfilling and I hate watching them zoom by so fast. If you feel pulled to have a large family, I don’t think you’ll ever regret welcoming more kids into your family.

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